Best-in-Class Brands

Buying the very best products for your pet means putting your trust in proven brand names. At Pets Are People Too, we know that a brand’s reputation is a clear indicator of its quality. Our inventory contains only top name brands of cat and dog food in Moscow, ID, along with other trusted products from recognized industry leaders. Some of the brands we choose to stand behind include:

blue buffalo
natural balance
science diet
taste of the wild

Each of the brands we carry comes highly vetted and well-recommended by industry pet care professionals. We’ve cultivated a stock of trusted brands to give our shoppers peace of mind that they’re giving their pets the best products possible, from quality cat food to trusted dog medicine in Moscow, ID.

Specialty brands

In addition to a wide selection of top name brands, we also carry specialty brands that are renowned for their line of niche products. From grain-free foods to medication for pet allergies, we carry these niche brands to ensure you’re able to give your pet a level of quality care that’s not possible at a general pet store. Plus, we do it at a more affordable cost than online retailers or through the vet!

Treat your pet to the best brands

pet foodGiving your pet the best life starts with the best products, and the best products are those backed by a proven, trusted name. When you’re looking for brand name pet care supplies and food you can trust, Pets Are People Too is here to provide you with everything you’re looking for.

For more information about the brands we carry or to inquire about a specific brand name product you might be looking for, contact us today by calling our Pullman location at (509) 332-7387, our Moscow location at (208) 883-0690, or stop by today to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals.